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DMX Decoders

DMX decoders convert a standard DMX signal into a PWM output suitable for driving LED lighting. With DMX, you can control much larger installations than with traditional LED controllers. Our StudioPro decoders feature PWM frequencies above 20kHz to eliminate on-camera flicker and induced audio interference/noise in a studio environment.

Decoders, Controllers and More...

Whether you are new to DMX or a seasoned pro, we have a wide range of DMX solutions to fit your needs. Many of our StudioPro DMX Digital Decoders feature digital displays and a convenient standalone mode for plug-and-play flexibility without the need for external software.

Altering the color temperature of white lighting is often used in circadian lighting for homes and office spaces. Cooler hues have been shown to promote alertness and productivity, while warmer tones help induce relaxation.