Lighting has an immense effect on the way individuals perceive an architectural or commercial space. During the daylight hours, the sun is the main light source that allows us to see the external design and features of a building. Yet, once the sun goes down or a person enters the structure, it is the job of artificial lighting to enhance the experience of the viewer. The emotional impact of a building is significantly affected by how it is lit.

Whether you are lighting for atmosphere or purely aesthetics, LED technology has the capability to enrich experiences and complement architectural components. Architects, fabricators and interior designers all understand the significant potential of LEDs, and it is imperative they have a lighting partner they can trust and depend upon.


Challenges in Lighting

Many projects are bound by cost, so lighting designers must do more with less and maximize visual impact for each dollar spent.

Repeatability is a cornerstone of many commercial lighting projects. Therefore, it is critical to have reliable products that produce consistent results.

Code compliance.
A building’s lighting elements must pass a rigorous inspection process before being deemed acceptable.

Our Solutions

We will work together to design a lighting system that meets the needs of your project and reduces the total cost of installation, maintenance and ownership.

Engineering Excellence.
Engineering is the lifeblood of Environmental Lights and we work tirelessly to ensure we create dependable lighting systems that that scale to your needs.

UL Listed products.
Virtually all our lighting and power supplies are UL listed so you can get the approvals you need.

Architectural and Commercial Lighting Applications

Let's Talk About Your Lighting Project

Environmental Lights is here to help you make your vision a reality. No matter your budget, we will find a solution for your project that looks great and fits your needs. We will be your partner in lighting development and will offer support though all stages of your project, from inception to completion.

We pride ourselves on the way we work with our customers. It’s a true partnership that you will not find anywhere else in the industry.

Give us a call, and let’s work together to transform your vision into something truly remarkable.

The Environmental Lights Team
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