Each year, advancements in technology allow us to integrate progressively more aspects of our lifestyles into easy-to-use automated solutions. Whether it be smart-home automation for residential applications or high-end control systems for commercial spaces, the goal is always the same: to streamline control and simplify the end-user’s experience.

An essential element for many of these projects is intelligent lighting control. Lighting plays a fundamental role in the way we experience an environment, and LED technology provides the flexibility to transform those environments in an instant. It has never been easier to integrate LED lighting into a comprehensive automated control structure, but the quality of products varies widely in the market and the level of service and expertise from providers is often lacking. Environmental Lights stands as the vanguard of high-quality LED lighting solutions and has a team of highly-trained Sales Engineers ready to assist you with the technical details in designing your specific projects.


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Variance in quality.
The explosive prevalence of LEDs means that there are plenty of low-quality products on the market trying to ride the wave of LED popularity.

The latest and greatest.
With so many LED lighting options, it can be tough to find the best products available.

Knowledgeable distributors.
Many lighting distributors have a rudimentary understanding of LED technology so it is often difficult to ensure you are getting the best lights for your application.

Our Solutions

High-quality products.
Our products are always designed with quality in mind and we test them extensively to ensure you receive nothing but the best.

Cutting edge lighting technology.
We work to create innovative LED products that are not only groundbreaking, but also reliable.

Our service and expertise.
You are experts in your industry and we are experts in ours. Together we can work to determine the perfect solution for your clients.

Audio Visual LED Lighting Applications

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We know you appreciate quality products that are as impressive as they are reliable, so it is our job to provide you with exactly that. While Environmental Lights provides some of the most high-quality and innovative LED products available, it is our level of support and expertise that truly sets us apart.

We will help you find precisely what you need, and we have a deep stock of products so we can ship them to you quickly, often on the same day. View our Audio Visual Catalog or our Audio Visual Product List that is specifically relevant for the Audio Visual Market.

Give us a call, and let’s work together to integrate our innovative lighting products into your intelligent control system. You can reach us at 888.880.1880 or by using the form below.

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