The scenic market moves fast. As the clock winds down, award shows, TV/stage productions and other live events don’t have any room for error. The lighting has to work right the first time and it can’t be too complicated to install. How do fabricators and gaffers survive this? They use a lighting partner they can depend on.

They need a partner that knows the best lighting to use, has great products in stock and can get them what they need right away - - without blowing the budget.


Challenges in Scenic Lighting

Your budget matters, but so does quality.
Budgets are always tight, so the need for high-quality products at an affordable price is critical.

Time is in short supply.
Productions often run on compressed timelines, so there is rarely much lead time to plan out projects.

Specialized product needs.
The scenic market has a specific set of challenges that can only be solved with specialized products designed for that industry.

Need for an experienced lighting partner.
It is vital that lighting suppliers have the industry experience required to understand the needs of their clients.

Our Solutions

We will fit within your budget.
We will work with you to create a high-quality lighting solution that is in line with your financial expectations.

We have speed.
We provide you with quick responses and help when you need it.

We listen to you.
All of our innovative scenic lighting products have been developed based on feedback from our customers. We listen to your input and react accordingly.

We are your experts.
We are here to assist with determining the right way to achieve your desired lighting effect.

Scenic Lighting Applications

Let's Talk About Your Scenic Lighting Project

We are scenic lighting experts. Our knowledge allows us to quickly determine the best way to achieve your desired lighting effect. We’ve been around since 2006 and we have a great deal of experience in many areas within the scenic industry. We have a fully stocked warehouse located on the West Coast, so we can ship later than anyone else.

We are here to help you succeed and our goal is to earn your loyalty.

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