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LED PixelControl

LED PixelControl is used in a wide range of applications to produce creative animations with LED lighting. LED PixelControl lights are unique from other pixel products because they utilize one data wire for digital communication and have a standard clock rate.

When using PixelControl, every module or pixel is individually addressable and can be set to any color to create animations. We offer a wide range of LED PixelControl products that include LED modules, domes, strip light and neon. LED Neon PixelControl gives the bold look of neon with individual pixel control for creating dynamic effects.

  • LED XL PixelControl
    With three LEDs per pixel, this strip lets you do more with each reel.
  • LED XXL PixelControl
    With six LEDs per pixel, XXL PixelControl makes it easier to produce animated effects with long run lengths.