Waterproof RGB XXL PixelControl LED Strip Light - 60/m - 7m Reel

Waterproof RGB XXL PixelControl LED Strip Light - 60/m - 7m Reel

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Product Features

Sold by the 5 meter reel and foot.

Waterproof RGB XXL PixelControl LED Strip Light enables you to do more with pixel. With six RGB LEDs per pixel, you can achieve over 55 feet (17 meters) in one DMX universe, making it is easier to produce animated effects with long run lengths. Our highly skilled product engineers developed RGB XXL PixelControl to overcome the creative challenges of scenic and stage environments, while also reducing the number of control channels needed for large-scale designs.

This Waterproof PixelControl LED Strip light features 60 high-quality RGB LEDs per meter and a width of 12mm. It runs on 24 VDC, so it is easy to integrate in a system and compatible with a wide range of our power supplies.

Waterproof RGB XXL PixelControl is compatible with our selection of LED Pixel Controllers, giving you control over your LED lighting without needing to use DMX decoders. These controllers provide a wide array of color changing and chasing effects along with controller over speed, brightness and direction. Easily integrate XXL PixelControl into a DMX setup when used with the DMX512 PixelControl Decoder. The DMX-Pixelcontrol translates standard DMX output to the required data signal input required by the RGB XXL PixelControl LED Strip Light.

Each reel of Waterproof RGB XXL PixelControl LED Strip Light is equipped with a female SM connector on the input and a male SM connector on the output. When linking together multiple reels, apply power every 7 m. PixelControl is one-directional and the input direction is always indicated by an arrow on the strip light.

    Features List:
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Six LEDs per Pixel
  • 24 VDC
  • UL Listed and RoHS certified
  • 70 Pixel per reel | 0.4 universes per reel
  • 100.8 watts per reel | 14.40 watts per meter
  • Cuttable every 3.94 in | 100 mm
  • UCS2903 IC


RGB XXL PixelControl is great anywhere you need to produce animated effects with long run lengths. You can create custom lighting animations and impressive color-changing features with ease.


Ambient Temperature -20°C to 60°C
Brightness 120/325/75 lumens/meter
Brightness 2 620/700/1215mW/meter
Height (English) 0.35 in
Height (Metric) 9 mm
Input Current 4200 mA
IP Rating IP65
LED Density 60 LEDs/meter
LED Node Size 5050
LED Spacing (English) 0.66 in
LED Spacing (Metric) 16.7 mm
Length (English) 22.97 ft
Length (Metric) 7 m
Light Color RGB
Manufacturer EnvironmentalLights
Min. Cutting Increment (English) 3.94 in
Min. Cutting Increment (Metric) 100 mm
Rating UL Listed, RoHS, IP65
Beam Angle 120°
Input Voltage 24 DC
Warranty 3 years limited
Power (Watts) 100.8
Power (Watts/ft) 4.4
Power (Watts/m) 14.4
Wavelength 625/520/465
Width (English) 0.59 in
Width (Metric) 15 mm