LED Pixel Lighting


LED pixel lighting affords the ultimate in control over your LED lighting. Pixel lighting is used with digital controllers that allow the user to program and fully control individual LEDs or groups of LEDs, depending on the product. This granular level of control allows pixel products to produce a dazzling array of lighting effects and patterns, including video.

Because of the digital nature of LED pixel products, the controller has to be able to communicate with the pixel lighting in the correct data format. To simplify the selection process, we group our LED pixel products into categories based on the data format.

Types of LED Pixel Lighting

  • LED PixelControl Lights - utilizes one data wire for digital communication and has a standard clock rate.
  • LED PixelPro Lights - utilizes two wires for digital communication, a clock and a data line.
  • LED PixelDMX Lights - uses the generic DMX signal to control the LEDs without the need for a pixel decoder.

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