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May 29, 2024



iMUSEUM is an immersive art experience that takes guests on a journey of self-discovery. The exhibits allow visitors to observe and interact with each of the distinct realms they step into. Environmental Lights low voltage lighting products play an essential role in establishing ambiance and depth, adding to the immersion of this dynamic adventure.

Lighting provides a way to direct an individuals attention and lead them down a curated path. Environmental Lights was brought on by Zone Innovation, a manufacturer of custom retail store solutions, to help design and implement the ideal LED lighting products and control solutions to turn the concept for iMUSEUM into a dazzling reality.

RGB PixelControl LED Strip Light was used in many exhibits but is particularly notable for its presence in the Reflection Tunnel. The Reflection Tunnel is a hallway illuminated by vibrant LED’s dancing in a mesmerizing chase of colors. This corridor seamlessly weaves its way through the heart of the museum and emits specific hues that resonate with the emotions of the room you’ve just traversed. 

Precise and intuitive control was significant in bringing this experience to life. Every pixel on every RGB PixelControl LED Strip Light can be individually programmed and controlled with our DMX512 PixelControl Decoder, providing iMUSEUM with complete control over their lighting. Other controllers used in this project include the StudioPro Digital Knob RGB LED Controller and various Madrix Luna DMX Controllers. 

Single-color light was used to enhance areas of the museum where dynamic lighting effects were not necessary. In the Room of Love, our EcoFlex LED Neon – Red - 10m illuminates the heart-shaped hands and surrounding mirrors, emphasizing love and self-acceptance. 

Environmental Lights is proud to have helped turn such a unique and thought-provoking concept into a reality. We are thankful to have worked with Michael Lachman and his incredibly talented team at Zone Innovation. If you are ever in the New Jersey area, we hope you’ll stop by iMUSEUM and experience this stunning adventure for yourself! 


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