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Dynamic LED lighting effects create the perfect atmosphere for any production. We have over 11 years of experience in creating lighting designs for sets, studios and stage productions that dazzle audiences and look great on camera. Our team makes sure that each element of your project’s design creates a lighting solution that is in line with your vision. We are here to help and will work with you throughout the entirety of your project.

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Our skilled teams of sales engineers, product developers and system designers handle each project’s unique challenges. We created our DMX decoders to prevent on-camera flickering during recording, even in high speed applications. We designed our LED tungsten lighting to provide a near-perfect CRI while matching the color of traditional tungsten lighting systems. Our wireless controllers and dimmers work using RF, BlueTooth or WiFi so that every production’s execution is flawless. Our customized solutions meet every specification when a unique color or scalable solution is needed.

Controllers And Dimmers

Our LED controllers and dimmers provide full control for every size and scale of lighting system. We offer a wide range of options depending upon the lights you are controlling. You can change the feel of the room with a white adjustable controller or lower the brightness level to create the perfect ambiance with a dimmer. Our team is here to help you make the best choice.

Bluetooth LED Lighting Control

Control your lights from your smartphone with our line of Mini Bluetooth LED controllers and dimmers. Easy to use and controllable from up to 30 feet away, these controllers and dimmers provide an easy way to change the ambiance of a room. For more complex configurations, pair multiple receivers with a main unit to provide control over a large area.


Our team is ready to discuss your project and looking forward to the challenge.
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Scenic and Stage Project Gallery

Need LED Samples to Show Your Client?

Have an upcoming project and need to present the very best LED lighting solution to your client? We offer Scenic And Stage LED Sample Kits to help you make the most informed LED lighting decision for your biggest jobs. You can now explore our growing inventory of over 200 UL-Listed LED Strip Lights online, and physically test a sample kit that best fits needs of your installation. Choose from our variety of Waterproof LED Strip Light Sample Kits or Non-Waterproof LED Strip Light Sample Kits. To learn more about how our Scenic And Stage LED Sample Kits can help you make your next project shine, please contact one of our LED lighting specialists at 888.880.1880 or sales@environmentallights.com

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