Meow Wolf - The Real Unreal

Meow Wolf - The Real Unreal

Meow Wolf - The Real Unreal

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December 13, 2023

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Meow Wolf - The Real Unreal

Meow Wolf's inception traces back to 2008, sparked by a shared passion among a group of artists to showcase their works and refine their artistic prowess. This initiative has since evolved into the profoundly immersive experience that defines Meow Wolf today. Environmental Lights is proud to help illuminate the latest Meow Wolf installation in Grapevine, TX deemed “The Real Unreal”. 

Because each Meow Wolf site is ultimately a collaboration between artists, Environmental Lights supplied lighting to many distinct parties. The Show Lighting Designer, Chris Werner from Chris Werner Design, was responsible for incorporating many of our products into the general venue. This includes illumination of the entrance, the lobby, and even the gift shop, each of which evoke a unique artistic expression. 

Additionally, various artists used our lighting to enhance their own curated sections of the Meow Wolf experience. Meow Wolf’s team of Creative Engineers along with its Design and Production Department played an indispensable role in bringing each artists’ vision to life. 

Meow Wolf is known for its ability to stimulate your senses, and lighting is essential to fulfilling this objective. Nowhere is this more exemplified than while venturing through Lamp Shop Alley or contemplating reality in the Neon Kingdom. Want to learn more about this mesmerizing experience? Head to Meow Wolf's website and schedule a time to experience the mind-bending adventure for yourself!


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