Illuminating House of Worship & Auditorium Spaces

House of Worship Lighting

Illuminating House of Worship & Auditorium Spaces

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March 22, 2024

The high ceilings found in house of worship spaces require powerful lights to provide even coverage over large spaces. Traditional high-output light fixtures give off excess heat, burn out often, and are costly to run and maintain. Low voltage downlighting transforms house of worship spaces by providing improved light performance, dependable longevity and up to 85% reductions in electricity usage. The time and cost savings from simplified installation, less frequent maintenance, and electricity alone provide a quick path to a return on investment.

Environmental Lights, a leading provider of high-quality, low voltage lighting solutions, has provided exceptional results in house of worship spaces for years. In this article, we’ll break down our innovative Remote Voltage Illumination (REVI) System and explain how it dramatically enhances lighting in large areas while saving you time and money.


High-Quality Lighting

The REVI Low Voltage Lighting System provides Class-2, low voltage illumination to meet the unique needs of large auditorium spaces. REVI XL downlights deliver up to 7,600 lumens from a single fixture, ensuring bright and comprehensive coverage across your entire auditorium. REVI fixtures feature smooth dimming down to 0.1% and offer tunable white functionality, enabling you to transform your environment in an instant.

We know that simple integration into DMX/RDM control systems is a must, that’s why REVI is control system agnostic. It is fully DMX controllable and enables control synchronization of house lighting with stage lighting, so both can be easily managed from a single platform. 


Ease of Installation & Maintenance

Ease of installation and maintenance is another key differentiator between our lighting solutions and traditional alternatives. The REVI system features driverless fixtures and centrally located, rack-mounted power supplies to extend the longevity of your lighting. Not only do driverless fixtures greatly reduce the amount of heat given off by downlights, but they also allow you to host power supplies in a climate-controlled utility room that can be accessed without the use of a scissor lift to reach the ceiling. 

Environmental Lights offers a wide variety of mounting hardware that is compatible with REVI XL downlight fixtures. We offer stems, surface mounts, and cables that let you achieve the optimal appearance in your auditorium. These mounts can accommodate both flat and slanted ceilings.


Energy Savings 

At Environmental Lights, we’re proud of the energy savings we provide to auditorium spaces. The REVI Low Voltage Lighting System is an incredibly efficient solution that guarantees significant savings and a rapid return on investment. 

In the case of Cross Pointe Church (shown below), REVI significantly enhanced overall light coverage while simultaneously reducing power utilization by a whopping 85%!

In the case of Rock Springs Baptist Church (shown below), after substituting the REVI system for their previous lighting, they were able to reduce the necessary power load from 50 – 20-amp circuits, down to 8 – 20-amp circuits. Meanwhile, their light coverage went from an uneven 10 and 30 footcandles of light to an average of 50 footcandles of evenly dispersed light across the entire auditorium. 


REVI Components

The REVI Low Voltage Lighting System is fully configurable and made up of 2 main components: power supplies and driverless fixtures. We work with you to select the ideal configuration for your specific project. To take things a step further, we offer a comprehensive lighting design package with renderings that allow you to visualize exactly what your space will look like once installation is completed. Once these renderings are approved, we can move forward into the installation phase with mutual confidence. 

Our goal is to facilitate a seamless lighting installation for your house of worship. We walk you through designing, installing, and maintaining your lighting system. Reach out to us today to learn more about illuminating your auditorium spaces with our one-of-a-kind REVI Low Voltage Lighting System!