DiscOasis Roller Disco

DiscOasis Roller Rink

DiscOasis Roller Disco

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December 19, 2021

DiscOasis Sign  DiscOasis Roller Rink Sign  DiscOasis Roller Rink  DiscOasis Roller Rink    

DiscOasis: Outdoor Roller Disco Experience

The DiscoOasis, presented by Constellation Immersive, was a music-driven immersive experience, centered around LA’s first-ever roller disco in a garden. From live performances, art, dance to a glittering roller disco—lighting was a key aspect to making each part of this ethereal paradise come to life.

David Weiner Design led the vision for the project and created the lighting design. They brought in Stories Illuminated and worked with the scenic fabricator, Pink Sparrow to bring the design to life. Our teams worked together to understand the vision and refined the details needed to make it all happen. A variety of programmable RGB LED pixel lighting was used to create an immersive ambiance, while also accounting for nighttime visibility.

The result was an incredible pixel system featuring over 1300 meters of Environmental Lights product utilizing over 110 universes of DMX! Having worked with us before, David Weiner Design knew that our fully programmable LED Pixel tape would amp up the energy of the entire production, providing the last piece of the puzzle to a truly immersive and memorable experience for all.

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