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Bizarre Beasts Video Set

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June 23, 2021

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Bizarre Beasts Video Set Display

Have you ever wondered why weird animals are weird or what is it about them that makes them seem so strange? The team at Bizarre Beasts has - - and they created an online video series to dig into this subject. Once a month, hosts Hank Green and Sarah Suta introduce you to a strange new animal and explore its fascinating weirdness via custom video content they produce. They have built an audience of 100,000 subscribers on YouTube! 

They started out with a simple set that used some LED tape lights from a hardware store to give their videos a more creative look. The lights looked ok in person, but the team ran into many challenges when they viewed the lights on camera. Their cheap solution was wrecking the look of their videos with annoying light flicker, especially on the more saturated colors. They were not lighting experts and were not sure what to do or how to fix the problems.

The Bizarre Beasts team reached out to Environmental Lights for help. Our team listened to their problems and immediately knew what their challenge was - - and how to fix it. We worked with them to spec the perfect lights and control for their set, then walked them through installation.

“The setup wasn't too tricky and the whole setup feels a lot more robust than the tape lights we were working with,” said Sarah Suta. “The colors are so rich and there is absolutely no strobe,” she added. The Bizarre Beasts team loves being able to change the colors around to fit the feel of an episode and is excited to try out all the possible color combinations with their new set lighting. 

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