StudioPro Digital Knob RGBW LED Controller

StudioPro Digital Knob RGBW LED Controller

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Product Features

The StudioPro Digital Knob RGBW Controller can precisely control any 12V to 24V color-changing RGBW lights. Each rotary knob represents one channel and digitally adjusts a color (red, green, blue and white). This allows you to dial in the exact dimming value of each channel. To select your desired color, simply use the knob to manually set the dimming value on each digital display.

The StudioPro design utilizes a 20kHz PWM frequency to ensure there is no visible flicker on camera. This controller features precise dimming to achieve the exact look that is needed on set, stage or anywhere where precise lighting control is crucial.

    Features List:
  • 12 or 24 volt DC operation
  • Four dimming rotary knobs with digital displays
  • 0-100 dimming values of red, green, blue and white output levels


Ideal for controlling 4-in-1 or ColorPlus LED lighting

Our StudioPro Digital Knob RGBW Controller streamlines your installation and makes your life easier. It is simple to program, which makes it great for set-and-forget installations.


Efficacy lumens/watt
Efficacy 2 mWatt/watt
Type Deluxe
Height (English) 1.81 in
Height (Metric) 46 mm
IP Rating IP20
Length (English) 6.93 in
Length (Metric) 176 mm
Rating CE, RoHS,FCC
Input Voltage 12 or 24 DC
Warranty 1 year
Power (Watts) 240 or 480
Width (English) 1.83 in
Width (Metric) 46.5 mm