Hebron Christian Academy - REVI Installation

Hebron Christian Academy - REVI Installation

Hebron Christian Academy - REVI Installation

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October 6, 2023

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Hebron Christian Academy - REVI Installation

Hebron Christian Academy is a cutting-edge academy serving K4 through 12th-grade students that establishes a solid academic foundation and provides experiences that foster emotional and spiritual development. Hebron Academy recently completed an extensive revitalization project that included improving their lighting with the REVI XL Low Voltage Downlighting system from Environmental Lights. REVI is used to light up Hebron's state-of-the-art theater and cafeteria— bringing both spaces to life and cutting their electrical usage at the same time!

Hebron Academy requested a robust, easy-to-install downlighting system with an extremely high lumen output. We worked with Strata AVL to deliver just that. Our REVI XL solution is capable of flooding the entire auditorium or isolated areas with light, while also allowing for smooth dimming at the touch of a button. Due to the rack-mounted drivers being kept in a central location, our driverless fixtures are much more dependable, and maintenance no longer requires accessing the ceiling.

Students of Hebron Academy now have a dynamic and well-lit space to congregate, socialize and perform in. Lighting from Environmental Lights is essential in enabling this space to be quickly and intuitively transformed. We are proud to have helped with this project and hope it cultivates creativity and enjoyment among future students of Hebron Christian Academy.


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