RGBX Repeater-Studio 4-Channel

RGBX Repeater-Studio 4-Channel

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Product Features

This amplifier (also called a "booster" or "repeater") is optional. You need it if the load of the RGB or RGB ColorPlus (4-color) ribbon or strips exceeds the rated output of the controller or decoder you will use. It also includes simplfied circuit diagrams that make it easy to construct larger systems using amplifiers such as this. You can cascade amplifiers to build a very large system. Please call if you have questions, or to request "rgb_manual.pdf".

  • Four signal inputs and outputs: red, green, blue, other, and common anode (DC+).
  • Operates on 12 or 24 volts DC.
  • Capacity: 5 amps per channel or 16 amps total, whichever is less. That's 3 channels x 5 amps or 4 channels x 4 amps.
  • Operating temperature range: -4 to 140 °F.
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty.
This is an improved version of the RP306, which we no longer sell, because AMP4 works better on the low (dim) end and has 4 channels instead of 3.


This is an optional amplifier (booster) ideal for use with our red-green-blue color-changing LED linear lighting. You can also use it with any other combination of colors. If, for example, you wanted to amplify three or four different channels of white, you could use it for that.


Type Standard
Height (English) 1 in
Height (Metric) 25.4 mm
IP Rating IP20
Length (English) 6.3 in
Length (Metric) 160 mm
Manufacturer EnvironmentalLights
Input Voltage 12 or 24 DC
Warranty 2 year
Width (English) 1.88 in
Width (Metric) 47.8 mm