Easy Stand Alone U9 DMX Controller

Easy Stand Alone U9 DMX Controller Easy Stand Alone U9 DMX Controller
Product No.: SLESA-U9

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Input Voltage 5 (USB) DC
Length (English) 3.60 in
Length (Metric) 91.4 mm
Width (English) 3.125 in
Width (Metric) 79.4 mm
Price Per Controller : $279.00

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Product Features
The SLESA-U9 is an intelligent stand-alone USB-DMX interface with 512 channels in live mode and 256 channels in stand-alone mode. Software compatible with the SLESA-U9 include EASY STAND ALONE (PC) and ESA2 (Mac & PC). Compatible with Mac OSx 10.6/10.7/10.8, Windows XP/VISTA/SEVEN 32-bit or 64-bit version and USB 2.0. This is easy to get working with our decoders, RGB, RGBDW, RGBW, and RGBA ribbon and we provide great information and technical support.

The SLESA-U9 includes:
  • A controller box and USB cable (hardware).
  • A bonus mini-USB adapter you can plug into a standard 120 VAC wall socket to operate your controller in stand-alone mode. The manufacturer does not provide this adapter, but when you buy from us, you get it as part of the package. Our opinion is that if you buy a stand-alone controller, you should be able to run it in stand-alone mode, with a small adapter, as well as tethered to your computer.
  • A CD (software) containing the software and manuals.
  • A "Getting Started" guide you won't find anywhere else.
Easy Stand Alone features include:
  • Simple, easy to learn "mixer board" that runs on your PC.
  • Allows you to independently set red, green and blue levels from 0-100%.
  • Allows you to control many different color LED devices simultaneously, so one wall washer is showing one color, while your RGB panel is showing another, etc.
  • Allows you to create "shows" comprising "scenes" and "steps."
  • Control color levels and overall dimming level for each step.
  • Control duration of each step.
  • Control fade time from step to step.
  • Address many devices independently at each step.
  • Control whether the scene repeats.
  • Control which scenes are played and when.
  • Use the color wheel or separate R, G and B fader slides to dial in the exact color you want.
  • Save your programs to your computer's hard disk.
  • Write your programs to the controller, so it can operate by itself in Stand Alone mode.
Controller functions in 2 modes:
  • Connected to your computer, receiving signals and power through the USB cable, or
  • In Stand Alone mode, receiving power from the included adapter.
Controller box has the following physical features:
  • 3-prong DMX IN port and OUT port.
  • USB port that uses the included USB cable to connect to your computer or the power adapter.
  • 10-pin male port that mates with Crestron and other keypad controls (not required, for convenience only.) Port pin-out is listed on page 1 of the Slesa-U9 Datasheet, which you can download at "Documentation Tab".
  • 3 buttons on top of the unit (+, _, dim.) The + and - buttons allow you to change scenes. Press and hold the dim button and then press + or -, to dim the lights.
  • On/off indicator light.
  • Program number indicator light.
  • DMX indicator light.
Height (English) 1.75 in
Height (Metric) 44.5 mm
IP Rating IP20
Input Voltage 5 (USB) DC
Length (English) 3.60 in
Length (Metric) 91.4 mm
Manufacturer Sunlite Nicolaudie
Rating UL, EC, EMC, RoHS, ETL
Universes 1 Universe
Warranty 1 year
Width (English) 3.125 in
Width (Metric) 79.4 mm
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