HyperFlex 2835 LED Strip Light

HyperFlex 2835 LED Strip Light

HyperFlex 2835 LED Strip Light

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October 31, 2018
HyperFlex 2835 LED Strip Light

October 31, 2018, San Diego, CA – Environmental Lights, a leader in LED lighting solutions, announced the launch of the new HyperFlex 2835 LED Strip Light.

HyperFlex LED Strip Light is an astonishingly versatile tape light that allows you to make tight turns on flat surfaces. This strip's circuit board features a unique design that allows it to bend, twist and turn in ways that regular LED strip light cannot.

Keith Zeber, Vice President of Sales for Environmental Lights, expressed his enthusiasm for the product by stating, “We designed HyperFlex strip light to make the turns needed for evenly lighting signs, lettering and unique shapes. Our customers already love it!”

HyperFlex LED Strip Light is designed and optimized for installations that have tight turns and contours. It is perfect for contoured cove lighting, retail displays and backlighting or illuminating sign letters or logos. It virtually eliminates the need to cut and reconnect the strip light when needing to turn corners or make arcs in your lighting run.

The HyperFlex 2835 LED Strip Light is 8mm wide, features 60 LEDs per meter and comes in 10 meter reels. The strip is UL Listed and makes use of CurrentControl IC chips to ensure there are no noticeable effects of voltage drop on runs up to 10 meters.

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The HyperFlex 2835 LED Strip Light is available for sale exclusively on EnvironmentalLights.com. Environmental Lights sales engineers are available to assist with project specifications, prototypes and quotes by calling 888-880-1880 or by emailing sales@environmentallights.com.

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