Acoustic Designs Group Showroom

Audio Visual: Acoustic Designs Group Showroom

Acoustic Designs Group Showroom

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August 22, 2019
Acoustic Designs Group Showroom in Arizona Acoustic Designs Group Showroom in Arizona Acoustic Designs Group Showroom in Arizona Acoustic Designs Group Showroom in Arizona Acoustic Designs Group Showroom in Arizona Acoustic Designs Group Showroom in Arizona

Audio Visual LED Lighting

Custom integrators and Audio Visual Specialists face a unique challenge in showcasing their capabilities. How can they showcase the technology that can be integrated into a home without taking over the conversation? How can a space remain aspirational but still drive the conversation to sales? Acoustic Designs Group's solution was to combine a 5,000-square-foot showroom in their larger facility to demonstrate their capabilities.

"The ingenuity and design collaboration we have with Environmental Lights speaks volumes when you walk into our showroom space. We created illumination concepts and details that will be mimicked for years to come. There is no other LED lighting resource in our market like the team at Environmental Lights."
Kevin Flower, Acoustic Designs Group

Creating a Space

Environmental Lights partnered with Acoustic Designs Group to make their showroom visually stunning. Each of the areas makes use of unique products that demonstrate the transformative power of lighting. Tunable White LED Strip Light provides cove, bar, floating shelf and toe-kick lighting through the showroom. This unique product is adjustable to any color temperature between 2,400K and 6,500K, serving as an example of human-centric lighting.

5-in-1 RGB LED Strip Light balances the ambience and functionality of the lighting in the listening rooms. With five LEDs packaged in one node, 5-in-1 LED Strip Light allows for rich tones, cool hues and seamless-color blending. This control allows for an engrossing audio experience and an aspirational selling point.

In the living room, backlit graphics of landscape scenery created a transformative environment. Performance 160 Degree Cuttable LED Lattice provided even lighting across the Barrisol graphic. The effect of the perfectly diffused landscape graphic serves to transports the customer to the serene tranquility of the Sonoran desert.

Need Help With a Project?

We know you appreciate quality products that are as impressive as they are reliable, so it is our job to provide you with exactly that. While Environmental Lights provides some of the most high-quality and innovative LED products available, it is our level of support and expertise that truly sets us apart. Give us a call, and let’s work together to integrate our innovative lighting products into your intelligent control system. You can reach us at 888.880.1880 or by using the form below.

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Acoustic Designs Group
Kevin Flower, LC

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