White LED Neon

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White LED Neon

White LED neon is offered in a range of correlated color temperatures (CCTs) from 2700K to 6500K. It is available by the reel, customized to your size or in convenient sample kits.

We offer white LED neon in multiple neon product families, each with different strengths for different project requirements. Not finding what you are looking for? Give our team a call and we will create a custom solution for you.

  • White ProFlex LED Neon
    Durable silicone casing with injection-molded ends make this the ideal solution for outdoor applications. Available in flat or wide top finishes.
  • White EcoFlex LED Neon
    Silicone casing with extra flexibility, engineered to be a cost-effective LED neon solution.
  • White UltraSlim LED Neon
    Narrow profile LED neon that fits where other LED neon cannot. A sleek way to add a subtle accent to any installation.
  • Custom LED Neon Options
    Contact our team for customized options for your neon project. We offer custom lengths, colors, and wire exit options.