LED Neon


LED Neon  provides the look of traditional neon with all the advantages of LED lighting. Our 24 VDC Neon is available in PixelControl, RGB, RGA and single colors including White, Red, Green Blue Amber, Orange and Pink. They come in 20 meters reels with ends installed.

Customizable LED Neon Options

Customization options include finish colors, lengths and injection molded ends. Please contact our sales engineers to  discuss the needs of your project.

Plug-and-Play With 120 Volt LED Neon

Our 120 Volt LED Neon provides a plug-and-play solution for easy to use neon. It is UL Listed and linkable up to 40 meters! Options include the following single colors: Warm White, Neutral White, Daylight White, Red, Green, Blue and Amber.

Contact our sales engineers to get detailed product information and discuss your project. Call us at: 888-880-1880

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