LED Neon


LED neon provides the look of traditional neon with all the advantages of LED lighting. Conventional glass neon is expensive, extremely fragile and dangerous if broken. Instead of glass, the rugged housing is made of either silicone or PVC. It is durable, flexible, customizable and easy to install. Our LED neon comes in a wide variety of CCTs and color options and is waterproof when combined with our custom injection molded ends.

A Modern Take On A Classic Look

The use of modern LED technology allows LED neon to achieve effects that were never before possible with traditional glass neon, such as dimming and color-changing options. The captivating appearance of LED neon makes it the perfect choice for architectural, entertainment and hospitality installations.

Customizable LED Neon Options

Customization options include finish colors, lengths and injection molded ends. Please contact our sales engineers to discuss the needs of your project.

Plug-and-Play With 120 Volt LED Neon

Our 120 Volt LED Neon provides a plug-and-play solution for easy to use neon. It is UL Listed and linkable up to 40 meters! Options include the following single colors: Warm White, Neutral White, Daylight White, Red, Green, Blue and Amber.

Contact our sales engineers to get detailed product information and discuss your project. Call us at: 888-880-1880

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