Enttec D-SPLIT 5-Pin - 70579

Enttec D-SPLIT 5-Pin - 70579

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Product Features

The D-Split is both an optical splitter/isolator and repeater for DMX512. It provides one input and four outputs, each of which can be used to create a new chain of up to 32 DMX fixtures. So instead of having to make all fixtures fit within a single daisy chain, each of the four outputs from the D-Split can be the start of its own chain. In addition, multiple D-Split can be linked together if required, for greater flexibility.

If you’re using DMX USB devices such as the DMX USB PRO or PRO MK2 and don’t have any level of electrical protection, you can use the D-Split to stop your computer getting damaged by any DMX cabling faults or stray voltage on the DMX line. This is possible thanks to its 1000V input/output protection. As a great extra feature, each port has a dedicated status LED to give users the ability to visually check that everything is working as it should be.

This great optical splitter suits many different kinds of applications, from small theatres to places of worship. DJs and music band also use the D-Split in addition with DMXIS.

Small yet powerful

The small, light and portable D-Split - offers a great solution to extend your DMX chain, without sacrificing the quality.

ANSI E1.11 - USITT DMX512-A compatible. One unit allows control up to 512 channels of DMX throughout the chain.

Protect your Equipment

1 input, 4 outputs, all optically isolated. Protection against up to 1000V of stray voltage. Simply connect your fixtures and control and let D-Split take care of the rest.

1000V isolation between input and output, and between any individual output receptacles. This protects your console from surges on DMX line, and also keeps any stray voltage from crossing to other DMX chains.

Input & Ouptut

1 DMX 5 pin for DMX Input. And 4x 5 pin DMX outputs for greater flexibility. All four may be used simultaneously, or in any combination.

Connect and Extend

Instead of having to make them all fit within a single daisy chain, each of the four outputs from the D-SPLIT can be the start of its own chain, and multiple D-SPLITs can be linked together if needed.


Create impressive lighting effects and scenarios. Perfect for clubs, bars, lounges, architectural design, fairs, concerts, and special events!


Type DMX Accessory
Height (English) 2.05 in
Height (Metric) 52 mm
IP Rating IP20
Length (English) 4.49 in
Length (Metric) 114 mm
Manufacturer Enttec
Input Voltage 7 DC
Warranty 1 year
Width (English) 3.5 in
Width (Metric) 89 mm