Single Color LED Strip Light

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Single Color LED Strip Light

Single-color, or monochrome, LED strip light is used for commercial, residential and stage lighting in a variety of accent and decorative lighting applications. It enables users to produce the desired color without the need for a special controller or optics. We offer monochrome strip light in colors such as red, green, blue, orange, amber and pink.

Customize Your Color

If you need a color that we don’t carry in our stocked products, we have the ability to create a custom color just for you. Our team of engineers has extensive experience creating custom brand colors to ensure consistency of lighting across multiple locations. Contact us to discuss your project.

We offer a large amount of UL Listed lighting options so you easily can get the approvals you need.

5-Year Warranty

We stand behind our standard strip lights with a 5-year warranty. We know that your projects have to perform flawlessly and failures are not an option. You can rest assured knowing you are getting high-quality strip light that you can depend on.