RGB & Multi-Color LED Strip Light

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    RGB 5050 LED Strip Light, 30/m, 10mm wide, Sample Kit
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    Continuous LED Strip Light - RGB - Sample Kit
    Continuous LED Strip Light - RGB - Sample Kit
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    Waterproof Continuous LED Strip Light - RGB - Sample Kit

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RGB & Multi-Color LED Strip Lights

Our RGB and multi-color LED strip light allows customers to have full control over the color of their lighting. With three or more LEDs on each node, users can seamlessly blend colors to achieve the perfect hue. Color-changing LED lighting has the power to completely transform a lifeless room into an inspiring statement. Use your imagination and choose your desired color to set the mood.

Beyond RGB

Mix RGB with the addition of a 4th, 5th or 6th color to create bolder and more vibrant colors. These limitless color options are perfectly suited for the creative challenges of scenic, stage and retail environments.

Virtually all our strip lighting is UL Listed in the low-voltage luminare category so you can get the approvals you need.