LED Light Sheets & Panels

LED light sheets and panels are high-quality solutions for creating engaging back-lit graphic displays, in-store visual merchandising, menu boards and more.

The illuminating surface of the LED Light Panels are based on an optically refined DOT Pattern technology to provide consistent brightness and ultimate evenness to any graphic or photo. Our light panels and boxes come in 6 standard sizes with a CCT of 6500K. We also offer customizable sizes, colors and shapes. Contact us with your requirements and a team member will work with you create the configuration you need. All LED Light Panels and Boxes are CE Certified and UL-listed, providing our customers with the assurance of its safety.

LED light sheets are thin, flexible sheets of LEDs that are the perfect solution for even illumination in light boxes. Wide beam LED light sheets have a 160 degree beam angle, making them the ideal solution for providing even illumination in shallow light boxes. The LED FlexLight Sheet is thin, flexible and requires no heat sinks. LumenMax LED light sheets have our highest brightness output for making light boxes standout.

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