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LED Light Bars

Light bars are perfect for use in large signs and graphic light boxes. They are available in various color temperatures, beam angles and brightness options. Our LED light bars provide high-quality performance, rugged construction and modular design to give you the most flexibility for your project.

  • Customizable Shelf Light Bars
    An ideal shelf-lighting solution for convenience store displays, retail gondolas or in any shelving system you need discreet lighting. Diffusers, magnetic clips and mounting hardware make setting up a shelf lighting system quick and easy.
  • EdgeLight LED Light Bars
    EdgeLight LED Light Bars are an ideal choice for deep light box applications. They provide high-quality light output, are available in various lengths and light throw options.
  • LiteLinks LED Light Bars
    Ultra-bright LED light bars that link together to create UL Listed lighting solutions. Built-in diffusers run to the edge of each bar and provide seamless distribution of light across connections.
  • Performance 160 Degree LED Light Bars
    Engineered to provide high-quality light output that fits any budget. Performance Line of LED Strip Light is a fantastic choice for large, scalable jobs that require maximum value from a reliable product.