Lutron RMJS-8T-DV-B PowPak dimming module with 0-10 V control, 120-277 V

Lutron RMJS-8T-DV-B PowPak dimming module with 0-10 V control, 120-277 V

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Product Features

The PowPak Dimming Module with 0–10 V Control is a radio frequency (RF) control that operates 0–10 V controlled fluorescent ballasts or LED drivers based on input from Pico wireless controls and Radio Powr Savr sensors. Simply install this module in the plenum to control 0-10 V commercial fixtures, use the buttons on the module for testing and commissioning, and use a Pico wireless remote control for regular operation. The wireless operation saves time and money on installation and gives you all the flexibility the Pico wireless remote controls always provide!

The Dimming Module with 0–10 V Control is ideal for small areas (e.g., classrooms, conference rooms, private offices). Communication with RF input devices (e.g., Pico wireless controls, Radio Powr Savr sensors) is accomplished by using Lutron Clear Connect RF Technology.
  • Controls up to 60 mA of 0–10 V controlled fixtures together.
  • Switches up to 8 A total.
  • 0–10 V control link automatically sources or sinks to the third party fixtures.
  • Configurable high- and low-end trim.
  • Various operating voltages available; refer to model number chart below for details on voltage requirements.
  • Receives input from up to nine Pico wireless controls, six Radio Powr Savr occupancy/vacancy sensors, and one Radio Powr Savr daylight sensor.
  • Utilizes Lutron Clear Connect RF Technology; refer to model number chart below for frequency band data.
  • Mounts to a US-style junction box through a standard-size knockout.
  • UL Listed in U.S. and Canada.
  • Complies with requirements for use in a compartment handling environmental air (plenum) per NEC 2011 300.22(C)(3) (RMJ- and URMJ-).
  • LED status indicator shows load status and provides programming feedback.
  • Configurable high-end and low-end trim.
  • Power failure memory: If power is interrupted, connected loads will return to the previous level prior to interruption.
  • 0 –10 V control miswire protection up to 30 Volts.
  • Programming lockout can be enabled for public spaces.
  • 0 –10 V control can be programmed to be inverted for 10 – 0 V control.
  • High-end and low-end trim affect all connected fixtures equally, and can be configured from the PowPak Dimming Module or from any associated Pico wireless control when unit is not in programming lock-out mode.
  • Adjustable low-end trim (0 – 45%). Trimmable low-end can ensure a stable light level. Some fixtures will flicker or drop out if trimmed too low.
  • The maximum light output of connected fixtures can be decreased down to 55% for energy savings in over-lit spaces.


For use with LED and fluorescent luminaires that operate under 0-10 volt dimming control.


Height (English) 1.25 in
Height (Metric) 31.8 mm
IP Rating IP20
Length (English) 3.94 in
Length (Metric) 100.1 mm
Manufacturer Lutron
Rating UL, CUL
Warranty 1 year
Width (English) 2.82 in
Width (Metric) 71.6 mm