Lutron MSCL-OP153M Maestro Vacancy/Occupancy Sensor CFL/LED Dimmer; 150 Watt, Single Pole or 3-Way (Multi-location)

Lutron MSCL-OP153M Maestro Vacancy/Occupancy Sensor CFL/LED Dimmer; 150 Watt, Single Pole or 3-Way (Multi-location)

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Product Features

Lutron adds increased functionality to its Maestro style LED/CFL dimmer with a built in vacancy/occupancy sensor. Customize your LED lights to turn on to a preset level whenever there is movement in the room, and to turn off after the room has been vacant for a specified period of time. Utilize the built-in Ambient Light Detection (ALD) to ensure that your lights only turn on when the ambient light is below a specific threshold. At any time you may also manually adjust the light to achieve the perfect brightness level.

This dimmer is specifically designed to work with many dimmable LED and CFL bulbs. See bulb compatibility list at Documentation tab.

Low and high-end trim on these Maestro CFL/LED dimmers is accomplished digitally (see instructions). Simple button presses allow the user to digitally adjust and set the low or high-end trim. This allows you to remove any undesirable dimmer behavior at the low end, such as flicker, pop-on or drop-out. We typically do not see flicker at the high-end, but occasionally we do notice dead travel, which can be eliminated with the high-end trim. This behavior depends on bulb construction and what load is on the dimmer. By trimming the dimmer, you can tune it for your installation exactly the way you want it.

  • Built-in occupancy sensor includes options to enable/disable or customize the occupancy function.
  • Vacancy sensor includes customizable shut-off time adjustments.
  • Smooth-action integrated linear slide control for easy, precise operation.
  • Features large switch and small slide dimmer.
  • Green LED dots indicate dimming level.
  • Does not require that the neutral wire run through your dimmer's gang box.
  • 150 watts capacity.
  • Single pole or 3-Way (multi-location) capable.
  • Power failure memory.
  • Standard RFI suppression.
  • UL and CSA listed.
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty.
  • Wall plate is not included.
Available in 7 Lutron-standard colors:
  • White (-WH)
  • Almond (-AL)
  • Light Almond (-LA)
  • Black (-BL)
  • Brown (-BR)
  • Gray (-GR)
  • Ivory (-IV)


The forward-thinking engineering ensures control of dimmable CFL and LED bulbs today, as well as energy efficient light sources coming out in the future—invest in a dimmer that ensures dimming performance as the light source industry evolves.

Lutron's CL dimmers are for certain LED and CFL bulbs that are made to be dimmable. DO NOT use them on bulbs that are not made for dimming. Performance on inferior dimmable bulbs varies.

We have not had much success with this dimmer using low voltage MR16 track light bulbs. Performance with track bulbs depends on the design of the bulbs, number of bulbs, and design of the (usually very cheap) 10:1 step-down transformer in the track head. The net result on MR16 LED bulbs is usually that almost no dimming occurs, in our experience with these CL dimmers. For MR16 track bulbs, our published results show the best performance on electronic low voltage dimmers, which is counter-intuitive, given the inductive characteristics of the step down transformer (one would expect magnetic dimmers would perform better); apparently the capacitive load of the bulb dominates the circuit in most cases, favoring the ELV dimmer. That's our theory anyway.


Height (English) 1.53 in
Height (Metric) 38.9 mm
Length (English) 4.13 in
Length (Metric) 104.9 mm
Manufacturer Lutron
Rating UL, CUL, CSA
Input Voltage 120 AC
Warranty 1 year
Power (Watts) 150
Width (English) 1.73 in
Width (Metric) 43.9 mm