Waterproof LED Strip Light Nail-In Tie-Downs (20-Pack)

Waterproof LED Strip Light Nail-In Tie-Downs (20-Pack)

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Bang Bang. Secure waterproof LED strip lighting to anything that you can pound a nail into. At last, a product that requires no instructions. Just keep your thumb out from under that hammer. See the evocative photo nearby for a serving suggestion.


Suitable for monochrome or RGB waterproof ribbon. The double density RGB is a little bit wider and is a little tight in this tie-down, but it works.


Height (English) 0.25 in
Height (Metric) 6.4 mm
Length (English) 0.87 in
Length (Metric) 22.2 mm
Manufacturer Gardner Bender
Width (English) 0.37 in
Width (Metric) 9.5 mm