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Environmental Lights is a leader in sustainable, energy-efficient LED lighting. We serve a variety of industries from Residential to Retail Stores, from Hotel Resorts to Theme Parks. We are proud to be a member of the Association for Retail Environments (A.R.E.), as it allows us to connect with our customers in the retail space and offer them products to improve their businesses and make their brands successful.

You want to upgrade the lighting in your store, now what? There are a few factors that go into choosing the right light for your space:

    1. Do you need flexible lighting (strip) or rigid bars?

    2. Do you need a solid color or color-changing flexibility?

    3. Does the system need to dim?

    4. Does the system need to create effects?

Shelf & Cabinet Lights offers a variety of premium LED cabinet lighting systems including the light bars, connectors, dimmers and power supplies needed to create beautiful retail displays. Our cabinet lighting systems feature low profile light bars, natural color options (soft and neutral white), flawless dimming performance and useful accessories. Illuminate countertop space, brighten display cases or highlight merchandise on shelves.

Decorative Strip Lighting

Another lighting option for a retail space is LED strip lighting. Strip lighting is flexible and sold in longer lengths than light bars (reel = 16.4 feet). In addition to four different brightness levels, there is a wider variety of color choices – a full range of white options plus red, green, blue, amber and RGB color-changing.

Our White Adjustable strip light lets you adjust the color of white you prefer, from warm white (2,400°K) to daylight white (6,500°K) and any color in between. Giving you versatility and control over your lighting environment.


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