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An Announcement from Environmental Lights

An Announcement from Environmental Lights

From The CEO:

It’s been a productive and revolutionary year at Environmental Lights. I want to share an important and exciting piece of news: we have completely redesigned our core LED product line to better serve you and support your specific lighting applications.

We have innovated around the LED chip of the future – the SMD 2835 LED. Its efficiency, performance and thermal management make it the new standard for LED lights. The improvement in efficacy is remarkable and we can’t wait to show you how these new lines will help you create even more spectacular designs.

The approach of some lighting companies is to visit manufacturers and select the products they think can be sold most profitably. We too did that when Environmental Lights first started. But with over a dozen years of experience in this market, we can translate the requirements of our customers (and our customers’ customers) into optimized engineering specifications to build products that better serve your specific needs.

Our company has always had a wide variety of high-quality lights with different specifications for use in diverse applications. Over the course of the last year, we have leveraged our experience on thousands of lighting projects to design a new set of product lines that are each optimized for a specific set of applications. Each line has one attribute for which it was maximized, then its other characteristics were purposefully chosen for optimized performance while keeping within regulatory and safety limitations.

Along with our new LED product lines we have also launched a selection of premium controllers, drivers, connectors, channel and other accessories carefully selected to meet your needs. Take a closer look at our newest products below. Our team is excited and eager to show you our new products, so please give us a call to learn more!

–Jamison Day
CEO, Environmental Lights

Environmental Lights' New Product Lines

PERFORMANCE: For Projects Where Value Is Paramount

TRUCOLOR: Ideal Strip When Color Rendering Is Critical

ULTRASLIM: For Projects With Tight Mounting Space

HIGH EFFICACY: For Reducing A Project's Cost And Complexity

HYPERFLEX: For Projects With Tricky Turns

LUMENMAX: For Projects That Need The Brightest Light

These new product lines are available for sale exclusively on EnvironmentalLights.com. Environmental Lights sales engineers are available to assist with project specifications, prototypes and quotes by calling 888-880-1880 or by emailing sales@environmentallights.com.

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