Got7 "Eyes On You" Tour

Stage Lighting: Got7 "Eyes On You" Tour

Got7 "Eyes On You" Tour

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October 17, 2018
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Stage Design LED Lighting

For the U.S. leg of their 2018 "Eyes On You" tour, the world-renowned K-pop band Got7 utilized a set design that incorporated DMX-controlled lighting elements in a large eye-shaped structure that took center stage. The main challenge of the design was to illuminate the structure using a lighting solution that was as reliable and as it was visually stunning. With waterproof drivers that provided reliable power, the lighting designer created a custom installation that utilized RGB XL PixelControl LED Strip Light.

Controlling the Eye

With RGB XL PixelControl LED Strip Light, each group of three RGB LEDs acts as a single pixel and is individually programmable. This enabled longer run-lengths on a single reel and simplified control of the "eye." The individual "eyelashes" of the structure and the longer "eyelid" sections were independently controllable, allowing for different lighting designs depending on the performer or the song.

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