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San Diego Business Journal Profiles Environmental Lights

San Diego Business Journal Profiles Environmental Lights

Environmental Lights executives are interviewed by Jared Whitlock for the San Diego Business Journal. Published September 25, 2017.

Excerpt from the article:

...Founded in 2006, the company initially focused on the environmental benefits of LED lights, as its name indicates. (Longer-lasting, energy-saving and return on investment were additional selling points.)

But to differentiate itself as the market matured, the company in recent years has touted LEDs as customizable, more so than incandescent and gas counterparts. LED systems can be configured to emit a variety of colors and lighting temperatures, which in some cases can be controlled through devices like a smart-phone.

This could mean a subtle adjustment to white light in a hotel room to make it more relaxing, or remotely adjusting lighting to allow a company's corporate colors to shine down on a convention space.

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