Born and Raised Steak House

Restaurant Lighting: Born And Raised

Born and Raised Steak House

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November 22, 2017
Born and Raised In San Diego, CABorn and Raised In San Diego, CABorn and Raised In San Diego, CA Born and Raised In San Diego, CA

Restaurant LED Lighting

While lighting can alter the entire appearance and mood of a room, a different challenge can be in how to accentuate the details of a space. Located in the Little Italy neighborhood in San Diego, Born & Raised is a steakhouse that places a focus on the ambience of the 10,000-square-foot building. All corners of the restaurant are adorned in unique materials and textures, such as wood, marble and metals, which work together to provide an opulent visual experience.

Multiple lighting challenges became evident in the designing of the restaurant and we worked with the project’s designers and contractors to identify and troubleshoot the problems. First, the large amount of square footage necessitated long runs of LEDs to maintain a consistent lighting and simplified installation. Second, the use of mixed-materials required that the LEDs bring out the true colors and details of the wood, stone and décor. Third, the designers envisioned a specific color temperature and thus, color consistency was key to achieving the vision. Finally, due to its location on a main street, the illumination had to be bright from outside and easily controllable from anywhere in the restaurant.

Design Intent

The design of Born & Raised was conceived to fulfill a purpose and our team worked with the designers to help bring their vision to life. With each section of lighting providing unique challenges, we iterated through a number of ideas by providing sample kits that could be paired with the materials in the restaurant.

The designers had in mind a few key concepts for the lighting. First, a warm and inviting 2,700K white light, a color temperature that is often used to promote relaxation, was wanted for the interior. Second, the lighting was to be indirect from the toe-stick and ceiling fixtures. These two factors combined would result in a vibrant glow that would be flattering in the restaurant and inviting from the street.

Engineering Excellence

In the planning and design process, we noticed a number of different way on how to not only reduce the installation time but make it easier as well. By incorporating CurrentControl technology, fewer power supplies were needed to be used and the complexity of wiring would be simplified. Wireless dimming, through the usage of Lutron PowPaks and Pico Wireless Remotes, allowed for lighting to be installed in remote locations. The simplicity of the wireless dimming setup made it so any of the restaurant staff can control the brightness level as needed, ensuring a consistent visual definition to the brand.

Lighting Details

Confronted with the narrow timeframe and the large scope of the project, our team was able to provide a quick turnaround time on the installation of the project. Any concerns about the products were muted thanks to the foresight of using sample kits. Our large selection of in-stock products in our warehouse also ensured that we were able to quickly provide the lights, dimmers and drivers that were needed for the job. Two different lighting types were used in the project. For overall lighting, a 2,700K white provided the vibrant glow of the interior while also providing high-quality light that served as utility and task lighting. For accents, an Amber light added depth to the woods and metals. Both of these lights are built with CurrentControl technology which simplifies and reduces the complexity installation.

LED Lighting Products Used:

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