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Digital Knob LED Controllers

Digital Knob LED Controllers

September 18, 2018, San Diego, CA – Environmental Lights, a leader in LED lighting solutions, announced the launch of the Digital Knob LED Controllers for RGB and RGBW LED lights.

Digital Knob LED Controllers allow users to precisely control 12V to 24V color changing (RGB or RGBW) LED lights. Each rotary knob on the controller represents one channel and digitally controls the intensity of that channel color. This allows users to dial in the exact value of each channel. To set your lights to your desired color, simply use each knob to manually set the intensity value on the corresponding digital display.

The Digital Knob Controller is CE, RoHS and FCC rated. It is available in RGB and RGBW versions.


  • 12V and 24V DC operation
  • RGB and RGBW options
  • Rotary knobs with digital displays
  • 0-255 intensity values for Red, Green, Blue and White output levels
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