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Bellagio Hotel & Casino

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February 27, 2018
The Pool At the Bellgaio Resort and Casino, in Las Vegas, NV The Pool At the Bellgaio Resort and Casino, in Las Vegas, NV The ShopsAt the Bellgaio Resort and Casino, in Las Vegas, NV Yellowtail Restaurant At the Bellgaio Resort and Casino, in Las Vegas, NV Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden At the Bellgaio Resort and Casino, in Las Vegas, NV Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden At the Bellgaio Resort and Casino, in Las Vegas, NV Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden At the Bellgaio Resort and Casino, in Las Vegas, NV

LED lighting provides incredible opportunities to transform casino environments in ways traditional lighting never could. Environmental Lights is on the forefront of this effort and works with gaming properties of all sizes to create new and exciting experiences with light. We know that the right updates to lighting in a property can create a completely new guest experience without doing a major renovation. When the Bellagio Resort and Casino expressed interest in wanting to improve their use of lighting, our team was up to the challenge. Our team worked closely with the Bellagio staff to provide a complete solution that exceeded the high standards set by the world-famous Las Vegas resort.

The Lighting Challenge

How do you visually connect design elements of large spaces together to help turn it into one cohesive room? Can you repeat the approach to extend the concept across multiple rooms or to unify an entire property?

Consistency in lighting is excellent for unifying disparate elements of areas to turn it into a cohesive room with one consistent identity. Rooms are then visually connected with that lighting to create an entire property with a consistent presentation. One challenge faced is that not all LED lighting is equal in quality. A manufacturer may list two different samples of LEDs as having a CCT of 2,400K but the appearance can fluctuate by noticeable amounts. Subpar quality LEDs can cause entire areas to have discoloration or uneven brightness. This means that if you are not careful and working with the right partner you can still end up with the same lights looking different.

In the lobby of the hotel, the coves are double layered and the distance from the coves to the ceiling varies. This caused the previous installed lighting to look brighter in certain areas and darker in others.

In addition, the lighting needs to be controllable and durable. The Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden has quarterly showcases that are one of the biggest guest attractions for the resort. Each of the quarterly changes requires a different lighting configuration and at 14,000 square feet, the room has large number of unique zones that are difficult to access but critical to the aesthetic.

Transformation with LED

Using a mixture of engineering, planning and creativity, our team identified all the challenges and carefully engineered a robust and dependable solution. The first goal was to create the color temperature that was being asked for and produce it in a product that was versatile and reliable. Our bendable and cuttable HyperFlex LED Strip Light was the perfect strip light for the task. Its unique design allows for bending around corners, allowing its use throughout the entire casino. We created a custom 2,400K version of the desired LED strip light and ensured color consistency by monitoring the binning and the testing of the strip.

Once we had the the lighting color dialed in, we used our 96 Watt 24 VDC Driver with Dimming Knob to adjust each area of the lobby individually. To ensure that it was done right, our teams made trips to the Bellagio to provide support, training and assistance with the installation. We adjusted the dimming of each of the drivers to create a uniform look through the lobby, giving the hotel the desired atmosphere for their guests. The consistency in color and brightness transformed the look and the feel of the hotel, ensured a pleasant dining experience at the restaurants and provided an on-brand appearance through the entire property.

For the Conservatory and Botanical Garden, we engineered a solution that was dynamic, easy to control and reliable. We connected our bright RGB Double Row Strip Light to their DMX control system using wireless DMX transceivers. This created the ability to control nearly 30 separate areas without having to leave the DMX control area. An added benefit was that energy-efficient LED lighting replaced existing neon lighting, resulting in savings in electricity and maintenance costs.

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