LED Neon Lighting From Environmental Lights

LED Neon Lighting

LED Neon Lighting From Environmental Lights

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May 6, 2024

LED Neon Lighting From Environmental Lights

Neon lighting is known around the world for its captivating glow and nostalgic charm. Low voltage LED neon lighting from Environmental Lights offers this same classic look while boasting unparalleled accessibility and versatility. 


What Makes our Neon Unique? 

We constantly look for ways to take existing products and create next-generation solutions. Our goal with neon is to produce the same eye-catching lighting, while offering three significant advantages.

1. Flexibility: Our neon LED strip lights are contained in a silicone housing. This enables users to easily shape and contort their neon in ways that were previously impossible with standard glass versions, which are fragile and shatter easily.

2. Expanded Color Range: We offer RGB and 4-in-1 RGB versions of neon that can produce millions of distinct colors with the push of a button. Our wide range of dimmers and controllers give users the ability to effortlessly harness a vast spectrum of color.

3. Dynamic Control: We’ve incorporated PixelControl technology into certain neon lighting products to provide maximum control over your lighting. The ability to command each individual pixel allows users to create smooth gradients and dynamic effects like never before.


LED Neon Product Families

EcoFlex LED Neon:

  • EcoFlex LED Neon from Environmental Lights is a highly flexible and cost-effective LED Neon product.
  • Our EcoFlex product family features RGB, single color, white and PixelControl varieties.
  • Up to 190 lumens per meter.
  • Lateral bending radius of 40mm.
  • IP65 rating will protect your lighting from splashes, dust, etc.

ProFlex LED Neon:

  • ProFlex LED Neon is an exceptionally bright and rugged option for achieving the creative potential of neon, while getting all the benefits of LED.
  • Our ProFlex product family features RGB, monochrome and PixelControl varieties.
  • Up to 345 lumens per meter.
  • 160 degree beam angle.
  • IP67 rating will protect your lighting from splashes, dust, etc.

UltraSlim LED Neon:

  • UltraSlim LED Neon takes the hotspot-free appearance of traditional glass neon, combines it with the advantages of LED lighting and reduces the size into a narrow profile.
  • Our UltraSlim LED Neon product family features RGB and monochrome varieties.
  •  Up to 103 lumens per meter.
  • Only 6mm wide.
  • IP65 rating will protect your lighting from splashes, dust, etc.

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LED Neon in the Field

Meow Wolf:

Meow Wolf is known for its ability to stimulate your senses, and lighting is essential to fulfilling this objective. Our neon lighting was used by various artists to enhance their own curated sections of the Meow Wolf experience. ProFlex PixelControl Wide Top LED Neon was used in conjunction with our pixel controllers to provide maximum versatility and of course, the highest quality LED neon illumination.


Arcade at Horseshoe:

Arcade at Horseshoe is a 7,000-square foot arcade in the Horseshoe Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. Referred to as the “urban neon playground,” this attraction instantly catches the eye of anyone passing by. Environmental Lights LED neon products bring this space to life and create an immersive experience for visitors. RGB LED Neon and RGB LED Wide Top Neon is used in conjunction with the StudioPro Digital Knob LED Controller to bring this facility to life.


Sweat FXBG Studio:

Sweat FXBG is more than your average gym, it's boutique fitness reimagined. Neon lighting from Environmental Lights plays a key role in creating a stimulating environment that inspires members to push hard and challenge their limits. ProFlex LED Neon - RGB runs along the ceiling to create a sleek and modern look. The Studio 4 Channel DMX Decoder is used to modify the color to best match the physical activity being performed.


We provide versatile products that deliver exceptional illumination for a variety of budgets. Reach out to us today to learn which of our LED neon lighting solutions are best suited to enhance your next project!