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6-in-1 ColorPlus LED Strip Light

6-in-1 ColorPlus LED Strip Light

November 9, 2018, San Diego, CA – Environmental Lights, a leader in LED lighting solutions, announced the launch of a six-color strip light, the 6-in-1 ColorPlus LED Strip Light.

The 6-in-1 ColorPlus LED strip light combines RGB, Amber and Tunable White in each node on the strip light. This versatile LED strip light enables users to mix colors to create bolder and more vibrant colors than with any other LED strip light available.

“The launch of the 6-in-1 strip light continues our forward momentum from the 5-in-1 we launched last year,” stated Jamison Day, CEO of Environmental Lights. President Jordan Brooks added, “Being able to mix six colors together gives lighting designers the opportunity to create colors never before possible with a single strip of LED light.”

DMX can be utilized to adjust the levels of each of the six channels and gives users an endless color palette while achieving incredible color blending. The 6-in-1 ColorPlus LED strip light is both UL Listed and RoHS certified. It is perfectly suited for the creative challenges of scenic, stage and retail environments where exact color control is critical to projects.

6-in-1 ColorPlus Features:

  • 6 unique channels
  • 6 colors in each node
  • UL Listed & RoHS certified
  • 15 mm wide
  • Available in 5-meter reels

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