Frequently Asked Questions

  • +How do I debug my LED lighting system?
    This video reviews 7 principles you'll find helpful in fixing your LED lighting system:
    • Principle #1: Safety first.
    • Principle #2: Read the instructions.
    • Principle #3: Achieve success in stages.
    • Principle #4: Don’t assume. Please remember what you know and what you don’t know.
    • Principle #5: Know your tools.
    • Principle #6: Substitute components.
    • Principle #7: Respect voltage drop.
    If you heed the advice in this video, you are likely to solve the most likely problems in getting your LED system working. If you still can't get a system you bought from us working, please give us a call!
  • +What is the branch limit of your LED strip light? Can I connect more than 1 reel end-to-end?

    The branch limit of our LED strip light is usually one reel, so no, you can't generally connect more than one reel end-to-end. We created a 4-part video series that covers proper LED linear lighting electrical design technique.

  • +What types of connectors do you offer for LED strip light?
    Please watch the video on the subject:
  • +What is DMX?

    Please watch these videos on the subject:

  • +What are waterproofing ratings or IP codes?

    IP codes describe the degrees of protection provided by the enclosures of electrical equipment. Some of our lighting products have IP ratings to enable you to determine where you can use them. Learn more.

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