LED Under Cabinet Lights

Environmental Lights' new series of UL-listed Modular Premium LED under cabinet light bars combines easy plug-and-play technology with soft, diffused lighting, natural color, flawless dimming performance and interchangeable accessories—these modular LED light bars and LED puck lights have it all. Ultra Thin and Angled LED Under Cabinet light bars have built-in switches, for easy individual on/off control, and come in three lengths to fit your custom needs. All modular LED under cabinet lights also include a built-in milky diffuser to achieve beautiful uniform lighting.

Use our top quality Modular LED Under Cabinet Lights in kitchens, dens, entertainment centers, laundry rooms, closets—anywhere you want great light in a tight space. They’re easy to wire, modular, bright, and dimmable, too! Build your own custom light installation with any combination of modular lights. It's never been easier to customize, combine, and connect different styles of lights in one system.

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