EnvironmentalLights Premium Modular LED Under Cabinet Lighting

EnvironmentalLights sets the standard for excellent value in quality LED under cabinet lighting solutions. Our Modular Premium LED under cabinet lighting system features diffused energy-efficient LED puck lights, ultra thin under cabinet LED light bars and angled under cabinet LED light bars. This UL-listed Modular LED Under Cabinet lighting line from Environmental Lights is easy to install, provides diffused natural color, flawless dimming performance, and easy-to-use LED accessories for greater design flexibility. Perfect for brightening up functional work areas, kitchen counters, closets, display cabinets, anywhere extra light is needed!

All Modular LED light products include built in diffusers to evenly distribute the light and eliminate hotspots, which is optimal when installing lights above reflective surfaces such as granite. Both Angled and Ultra Thin LED Under Cabinet Modular light bars also have built-in switches for easy individual on/off control, and come in three lengths to fit your custom needs. Have questions about our under cabinet lighting? Please see our buying guide for details or call one of our experienced customer service representatives for technical and design specifications today. UL listed in U.S. and Canada.
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