Waterproof Side View LED Strip Lights

IP67 waterproof Side View strip has special LEDs that shine the light off the edge of the strip, which is ideal for certain configurations where the beam needs to graze a mounting surface. We have two waterproof side view syles: standup (side mount) is used with mounting hoops when you want the strip to mount on the edge of the waterproof casing, whereas standard waterproof has a rectangular case better suited for mounting on the back of the LED strip. Electrically, they are the same. For dimming, use 12 Volt dimming supplies that operate from standard wall-mount dimmers, or decorator quality LED dimmers, including the LinkUp Wifi Dimmer and 3-in-1 LED WiFi Controller.

We pack 96 LEDs per meter, and the size 3014 LEDs we use are brighter than traditional side view LEDs others offer, which solves the low brightness problem competitors' side view strip has. Choose among high CRI whites and rich, consistent colors. And all of our monochrome LED strip is available in waterproof versions and sample kits, to help you gain approvals for your big jobs.

Similar product line: Non-Waterproof Single Color Side View LED Strip Lights. If you have any questions, please call 888-880-1880 or email us to get detailed product information from highly-trained technical specialists.

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