Waterproof RGBW 4-in-1 CurrentControl LED Strip Lights

IP67 waterproof RGBW 4-in-1 5050 CurrentControl LED strip light can achieve the most number of color options since this product has four LED chips in each LED node. Available options for 4-in-1 LED strip light include Warm White, Daylight White or Amber as the fourth color to combine with RGB. All color options are available in both 12 Volts with 72 LEDs per meter (2.5 meters long) and 24 Volts with 60 LEDs per meter (5 meters long). Both non-waterproof and waterproof versions have high-adhesion stickyback. Just peel off the wax paper and stick it to any clean, dry substrate. This strip is easy to install and provides a much more consistent color throughout the strip since all 4 colors are packed into each LED chip.

A unique feature of the RGBWW (warm white) and RGBDW (daylight white) 4-in-1 LED strip light is that the white part of the LED chip uses phosphor to create the range of color temperatures, different from creating white by mixing red, green and blue on a chip. This creates a more natural white color to mix with the RGB colors on the strip, adding either a warm tone (2,700K) or cool tone (6,500K). The RGBA (amber) strip light uses an amber LED chip — great for mixing yellows and oranges.

In addition to its ability to create millions more colors than traditional RGB LED strip light, all versions of RGBW 4-in-1 LED strip light include special chips on the strip that regulate current to ensure consistent brightness and color from the beginning to the end of the strip, even if your voltage drops below normally accepted levels.

CurrentControl LED strip can save you money on wiring costs, especially in certain large installations. Use LED Dimmers based on PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) as opposed to voltage reduction, because CurrentControl strips are designed to withstand voltages lower than the specified voltage without allowing the LEDs to become dimmer.

Virtually all our LED strip is UL-listed in the low voltage luminaire category, so you know it's safe, and it's versatile. This is a fantastic product used for studio, architectural and decorative purposes — virtually any project that requires a full rainbow of LED color options! Create colors and effects with our RGBW controllers or any DMX Controller, in conjunction with our DMX 4-channel or 24-channel decoders.

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