Tunable White LED Strip Light


Our tunable white LED lighting can be seamlessly adjusted to any color temperature between warm white (2,400K) and daylight white (6,500K). You can even set your lighting to shift color temperatures throughout the day. Altering the color temperature of white lighting has much larger implications than simply changing the visual aesthetics of a space. Cooler hues have been shown to promote alertness and productivity, while warmer tones help induce relaxation. Many people use tunable white lighting in retail environments to see how different products look in a variety of lighting scenarios.

5-Year Warranty

Quality matters and we stand behind our standard strip lights with a 5-year warranty. We know that your projects have to perform flawlessly and failures are not an option. You can rest assured knowing you are getting high-quality strip light that you can depend on.

Make Sure It Looks Good

A warm white color temperature (2,400K) is analogous to the comforting orange tones of candlelight while a cooler color temperature (6,500K) is often termed “daylight white” due to its resemblance to that of the mid-day sun. Adjusting the color temperature is as simple as turning a dial.

UL Listed

Virtually all our strip lights are UL Listed in the low-voltage luminare category so you can get the approvals you need.

Engineering is the lifeblood of Environmental Lights and we work tirelessly to ensure we create dependable lighting systems that scale to your needs. We’re here to help. If you have any questions, please call 888-880-1880 us to get detailed product information from highly-trained technical specialists.

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