Sample Kits-Waterproof LED Strip Light

These IP67 waterproof sample kits are great for sampling our LED strips before you make a larger purchase. Each one is described in detail. We have over 100 non-waterproof LED strips and 100 waterproof LED strips, and each one is offered as a sample kit. If you're having trouble finding the sample kit you want, it may be easier to browse the main strip listings (by the reel) and when you find a particular strip that suits you, look on its product detail page because there is a link to both that strip's sample kit and its "by the foot" version for small orders. Virtually all our LED strip is UL-listed in the low voltage luminaire category, so you know it's safe, and it's versatile.

Similar product line: Non-Waterproof Sample Kits-LED Strip Light. Also, consider the Deluxe Sample Kits-LED Strip Light, which contain controllers and dimmers to demonstrate color control or dimming capabilities. If you have any questions, please call 888-880-1880 or email us to get detailed product information from highly-trained technical specialists.
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