5-in-1 RGB LED Strip Lights

5-in-1 RGB LED Strip Light is a revolutionary product that gives you the ability to create bolder colors than ever before. True to its name, this LED strip has five LEDs conveniently packaged onto each node. In addition to having RGB diodes, each node contains two additional colors, allowing you to create richer tones and cooler hues that were previously impossible to achieve with a single strip. UL Listed and RoHS Certified, the 5-in-1 RGB LED Strip Light is ideal for scenic and stage applications.

The 5-in-1 LED Strip Light with RGB is available as non-waterproof or waterproof, so you can create indoor or outdoor installations.

These lights pair perfectly with our DMX 5 Channel Decoder, since you can change the PWM frequency for flicker-free output and adjust the dimming curve to suit your application’s specific needs. When connected to a DMX system, the RGB and additional diodes can be independently controlled to allow for highly customized scene changes. You can even isolate the white light to run independently for things such as task lighting.

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