LED Pixel Control Lighting-Remote Decoder

Our RGB PixelPro and PixelControl LED animation products combine the ability to produce millions of colors, with the technology needed to achieve individual pixel control. These two families of individually addressable RGB LED pixel lighting gives you a wide range of LED module shapes and sizes for building custom LED digital displays, along with the superior quality light you’re accustomed to from EnvironmentalLights products.

Every module or pixel is digitally controllable and can be set to any color to animate your lights. Create animated chasing LED effects with our monochrome or RGB pixel products. RGB PixelPro comes in configurations like square modules, bullet, rectangle, circle, dome, mini dome, or Strip Light. RGB PixelControl comes in other configurations like LED Neon, LED Super Flat Rope, LED strip light and LED spheres. If you have any questions about creating a DMX pixel control LED project, please call 888-880-1880 or email us to get detailed product information from highly-trained technical specialists.
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