Sample Kits-24 Volt Single Color Eco Flex LED Neon

Eco Flex LED Neon is an adaptable and flexible option for achieving the creative potential of neon while getting all the benefits of LED, in a cost-effective package. With 15 meter run lengths that only need to be powered from one end, our team engineered Eco Flex LED Neon to be UL-Listed and to cut down on labor and installation costs. Its rugged silicone casing provides protection for both indoors and outdoors and diffusion for a hotspot-free appearance.

Eco Flex LED Neon is capable of producing lighting effects that were never possible with traditional glass Neon. It is easy to control using any of our controllers, dimmers or any DMX controller and easy to customize with our various end caps, connectors and wire exists. This is a fantastic product for commercial, studio, architectural and decorative lighting installations.

  • Sold by the 15-meter reel, meter and standard sample kit.
  • Cut to your desired length using shears designed specifically for cutting LED Eco Flex Neon.
  • Durable, UV Resistant and low maintenance.
  • IP65 rated and suitable for damp applications indoors or out.
  • Easy-to-install using mounting clips.
  • Flexible and easy to customize.
  • Maximum run length is 15 m powered from one end.
  • Additional accessories sold separately (see companion parts tab).
  • Can be bent laterally, with a 3 Inch minimum bending radius.
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