LED Lattices

LED lattice is an ideal solution for light boxes and other back-lighting applications. Each LED lattice is made up of multiple wide beam 160 degree LED light bars arranged in rows and all wired together. The light bars are connected to one another with flexible wire, allowing users to adjust spacing between them for their specific application.

Quick and Easy Installation

Using lattice saves installation time because you don't have to wire each bar. Since all the light bars are already wired together, all you need to do is mount them and add power via the convenient barrel plug.

Cuttable and Customizable

LED lattice is cuttable. You are free to customize the width of the lattice for a specific application by cutting between any of the LEDs. The height of the lattice can also be customized by cutting the wires as needed.

LED lattice bars are available in the following sizes:

  • 24cm wide x 409cm tall [9.45in x 161in]
  • 48cm wide x 226cm tall [18.9in x 89in]
  • 96cm wide x 104cm tall [37.8in x 40.95in]

LED lattice is available in CCTs of:

  • 4,000K
  • 5,000K
  • 6,000K

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