Power Supplies that Accept 12 VAC Landscape Voltage

These supplies allow you to power 12 or 24 Volt DC LED lights from low voltage landscape wires you already have installed in the ground.

The 12 VDC output supplies have bare wires on the output. The 24 VDC output supplies have a connector for the Versaline Christmas lights we sell. You may cut off the connector to use them on other 24 VDC LED lights.

Now, you can put Christmas lights or other LED lighting on your low voltage system, avoiding the need to run long extension cords over driveways, walkways and grass. These supplies accept a wide range of voltage (9 to 15 volts AC) that is common in large landscape lighting installations. These are very handy and people have been asking for them for years. Now, they're here!

9-15 VAC input; 12 or 24 VDC output, well regulated.

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